About Denovo

Denovo, slated for release late 2017, is an innovative law practice software designed to eliminate common pain points for attorneys by focusing on adding value for you where it matters most. With technology commoditizing legal advice and documents, consumers aren’t getting the authentic legal advice that they need and law practices aren’t getting as much business. Now there’s no need to worry about this change. Denovo revolutionizes how attorneys reach and interact with customers, while increasing efficiency, so you can increase your case load and profitability and still be out of the office by 5. 

Denovo, by Managed Squared, Inc., was created by attorneys for attorneys and their firms. Our focus is on the solo attorney and small legal practice, though Denovo can add value to any organization seeking better management of clients, matters, time tracking, and documentation.

Interested in learning more about Denovo or to see a demo, subscribe here. Want to be one of our beta users? Email us at info@denovo.io to get started.