The Benefits of Effective Time Tracking for Attorneys and Law Firms

By Denovo | August 16, 2017

Time Tracking is a hassle. It is no surprise that any unaccounted billable time that is not properly documented and invoiced is lost income for an Attorney and Law Practice. Attorneys know that effectively tracking time is critical for profitability, and for accurate firm records […]

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Announcing Denovo’s Version 2.5.2 Release

By Denovo | July 19, 2017

Denovo Release 2.5.2 contains the following new features, improvements, and bug fixes: New Features: Associated People on a Matter now displays the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of each associated organization. Quick links for quick copy/paste have been included for each. Functionality will be […]

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Announcing Denovo’s Version 2.5.0 Release

By Denovo | July 10, 2017

Our Denovo Version 2.5.0 Release includes the following new features, improvements, and bug fixes for our law practice management software: New Features: Admin now includes a left-side navigation bar. You can now add your Organization’s Location information in Admin > Organization Information, and Denovo supports […]

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Announcing Denovo’s May 15, 2017 Release

By Denovo | May 17, 2017

Our May 15 release includes the following new features and improvements: The Individual Matter view has been revamped for greater clarity and ease of use. You’ll see new links to content areas in the Navigation Bar (Associated People, Associated Timecards, Documents, and Notes) where previously […]

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Want to improve your firm’s efficiency and bottom line? Implement modern case management software.

By Denovo | May 11, 2017

  The commoditization of law through impersonal shopping-cart style, web-only providers impacts the client market and profitability potential for the solo attorney and small law practice. But what consumers may not realize is that an online law service does not fully meet their needs, and […]

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The Unexpected Benefits of Matter Management Software

By Denovo | May 4, 2017

An online matter management software such as Denovo will allow your practice to experience increased efficiency by finding everything related to a matter in one place, saving time previously lost searching through emails, notes, and misplaced file folders. While this benefit is not surprising, there […]

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Announcing Denovo’s April 25 2017 Release

By Denovo | April 26, 2017

Our April 25 release includes the following new features and improvements: New Features: The People Index now default filters the view by the Primary Attorney or Secondary Attorney, then Paralegal, then POC depending on the User’s Role. The Matters Index now default filters the view […]

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